Kitz Boutique Chalet

Already on arrival to the chalet, a door into a new world opens up! The apartments are a real dream, and this is exactly what a visit in the Kitz Boutique Chalet feels like. A Vienna Deluxe tip is the apartment «Alpenrose» – when accessing it you will immediately find yourself in front of a long dining table and an atmosphere designed with love in every detail. It will not leave any wishes unfulfilled! In the kitchen, you will even find your personal wine cooler with all its delicacies, previously stocked before your arrival. The breakfast basket will be quietly delivered every morning, with fresh eggs, bread and much more. 

The apartment being similar to an individual chalet does not only offer an individual whirlpool and sauna but also a barbecue on the terrace. The beautiful wood-covered rooms invite you to stay inside, even though the wonderful landscape calls out right in front of you.  The brain behind this wonderful design is architect and interior designer Stefan Schramm. He is able to find individual solutions in every project for particular, high-quality living spaces with a high degree of life quality, tranquility and well-being. His architectural style is characterized by a puristic design vocabulary, which in its execution is underlined by a selection of first-class material and carefully selected colours. Therefore, his rooms have an extraordinary and exclusive character. 

Photos © Kitz Boutique Chalet