Skincare Tipp Deluxe with Dr. Jetske Ultee

Dr. Jetske Ultee is a skin care line launched by the interesting and beautiful medical and research doctor Dr. Jetske Ultee herself.

She studied medicine at Erasmus University in Rotterdam. She then worked as an assistant physician and researcher for the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery department, where she obtained her PhD in 2010.

Since 2004 Jetske has been working as a research physician in cosmetic dermatology. In 2009 she launched her blog and in the following years she launched her own cosmetics line and her book All About Your Skin.

Dr. Jetske Ultee realized, while working as a doctor and head of the skin therapy department in a private clinic, that many women had difficulties with incorrect or incorrectly used products, she concentrated more and more on researching skin care products. In 2010 she launched her own skin care line Dr. Jetske Ultee (with a focus on the Dutch market). All products contain only mild, but maximally highly concentrated ingredients that have been proven in scientific studies that they really do something for the skin: 

• Lightening of pigment spots 

• Reduction of redness, bumps, acne 

• Delay fine lines and wrinkles 

The products are not tested on animals and contain no animal ingredients. They are freshly produced in small quantities in the Netherlands. For healthy, firm, fresh and radiant skin, Dr. Jetske Ultee suggests proceeding in 5 steps: cleanse, soothe, peel, nourish and protect. 

Dr. Jetske Ultee developed an Online Skin Analysis Online-Hautanalysethat determines which products are perfect for your skin type. 

The Deluxe Choice is the Azelaic Acid Serum. Azelaic acid occurs naturally in the skin and can be obtained from grains such as wheat, rye or barley. Especially if the skin suffers from acne, rosacea or hyperpigmentation, it can benefit from the numerous benefits of the power ingredient. Dr. Jetske Ultee selected a very mild, effective variant of azelaic acid (5%) (Potassium azeloyl diglycinate), which has been proven to soften and hydrate the skin. Studies have also shown that it makes the complexion look radiant and fresh. In combination with regenerating licorice root extract, an antibacterial extract from the bark of the magnolia tree and Piroctone Olamine, the serum helps to reduce redness, nodules and pimples. 

Dr. Jetske Ultee’s toner normal to oily skin with vitamin B3 and liquorice root extract regenerates the skin and can help regulate sebum production. The normal to dry skin moisturizer from Dr. Jetske Ultee is also an absolute vitamin bomb with 5% vitamin C. The super antioxidant has been proven to firm the skin and reduce pigment spots, acne and redness. 

As a flawless finish, the ultra-natural Dr. Jetske Ultee make-up products complete the portfolio with their mild and caring ingredients. The attractive doctor not only has many years of profound expertise (her own «Skinwiser» foundation researches the effectiveness and safety of cosmetic products), she is also incredibly approachable, as in her own skincare blog. 

She wants to educate – not only about skin care, but also about make-up. Mineral make-up, as the name suggests, contains minerals such as iron oxide, tin oxide, zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, mica or talc. However, these products often consist (almost) exclusively of natural minerals and can dry out the skin. 

«I advocate nourishing ingredients, especially in make-up. After all, isn’t it people with sensitive or restless skin who like to use some make-up?» Even if Dr. Jetske Ultee’s make-up is also based on minerals, their products do not count as mineral make-up! Why? The products contain many mild, nourishing and moisturizing ingredients that do not irritate the skin, but make it shine. 

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