The Costa Smeralda

The Costa Smeralda is a symbol of beauty, style and Italian hospitality

The sweet idleness has been enjoyed here since the sixties, when Aga Kahn discovered the once wild area and had it cultivated.

When visiting the Emerald Coast, it is a must to charter a boat, if you do not already have one, in order to be able to discover the dreamy Caribbean beaches and the countless, beautiful, secluded bays! Such as:

• Rena Bianca

• Grande Pevero

• Liscia Ruja

• Romazzino

But exclusive beach clubs can also sweeten everyday life, such as White Beach or Niki Beach, Romazzino with top service and great cuisine!

In the evening life pulsates in the illustrious town of Porto Cervo and in the area of ​​Baia Sardinia, with its marinas and trendy hangouts.

The Costa Smeralda still promises a life of luxury far from reality – an artificial world with paradisiacal features.