Sunreef 80 Eco Marie-Joseph Wins The YCM Explorer Award

The Sunreef 80 Eco Marie-Joseph has recently made waves in the yachting industry, winning the coveted YCM Explorer Award for its exceptional design and eco-friendly features. As sustainability becomes an increasingly important issue for yacht owners and enthusiasts, the Sunreef 80 Eco Marie-Joseph has set a new standard for luxury catamarans that prioritize sustainability.

The YCM Explorer Award is presented by the Yacht Club de Monaco, an organization dedicated to promoting yachting and marine conservation. The award recognizes yachts that demonstrate innovative design and a commitment to sustainability, as well as the ability to explore remote and challenging destinations. The Sunreef 80 Eco Marie-Joseph certainly fits the bill, with its sleek lines and cutting-edge technology.

One of the key features of the Sunreef 80 Eco Marie-Joseph is its eco-friendly propulsion system. The yacht is powered by two 180 kW electric engines and features a state-of-the-art battery bank that allows it to operate in complete silence for up to 24 hours. This system is not only environmentally friendly, but also ensures a quiet and peaceful cruising experience for guests.

In addition to its propulsion system, the Sunreef 80 Eco Marie-Joseph also features a variety of eco-friendly technologies that minimize its impact on the environment. Solar panels on the roof generate enough power to keep the yacht’s systems running, while a watermaker allows for sustainable water production. The yacht also features an advanced waste management system that ensures all waste is properly disposed of and recycled where possible.

But the Sunreef 80 Eco Marie-Joseph is not just environmentally friendly – it’s also luxurious and comfortable. The yacht can accommodate up to 10 guests in four spacious cabins, each with its own ensuite bathroom. The interior design is sleek and modern, with plenty of natural light and stunning views of the surrounding scenery.

Guests can enjoy a variety of amenities for entertainment and relaxation, including a fully-equipped kitchen, a comfortable lounge area, and a spacious deck with a Jacuzzi and sun loungers. The yacht also comes equipped with a range of water sports equipment, including snorkeling gear, kayaks, and paddleboards, allowing guests to explore the surrounding waters in style.

The YCM Explorer Award is a testament to the growing trend towards sustainability in the yachting industry. As more and more people become aware of the impact that these vessels can have on the environment, there is a growing demand for yachts that are eco-friendly and sustainable. The Sunreef 80 Eco Marie-Joseph is a perfect example of this trend, and it is sure to inspire other yacht builders to follow in its footsteps.

In conclusion, the Sunreef 80 Eco Marie-Joseph is an exceptional luxury catamaran that has set a new standard for sustainability in the yachting industry. Its innovative design and eco-friendly technologies make it a perfect choice for yacht owners and enthusiasts who prioritize environmental responsibility. Congratulations to the Sunreef 80 Eco Marie-Joseph on winning the YCM Explorer Award – a well-deserved recognition of its exceptional design and commitment to sustainability.