Park Hyatt Vienna opens “The Bolliparadise”

Paradise means having all one’s wishes fulfilled, to have arrived at a place of perfection and happiness. From now on and for this summer paradise can be found in the Schanigarten of the Park Hyatt Vienna, in the promenade Bognergasse, where the culinary top brigade of the Park Hyatt Vienna together with the Upper Austrian wine and delicatessen dealer Kate & Kon have opened “The Bolliparadise”. With a truly unique beautiful garden in the midst of the bustling life of Vienna’s city center. Welcome to the Garden of Eden of culinary delights.

“The Bolliparadise” is called that because the grandiose champagnes of the very individual pressing champagne house Bollinger, the Special Cuvée and the Rosé, are served here by the glass. And because, in addition to these sparkling wines, which are already unique in themselves, the other great and rare wines from the Bollinger family business based in Ay in Champagne can also be bought in bottles.

“The Bolliparadise” means that the kitchen and bar of the Park Hyatt Vienna provides you with classic and creative dishes as well as signature cocktails of the house. And that many delicacies that Kate & Kon deliver from Lake Attersee to Vienna, such as the Kate & Kon Gold Selection caviar, as well as the cheese from the Alsatian affineur Maître Antony and the regional sausage specialties from the Atterox line, refine and enrich the dishes. Paradise in a glass and paradise on a plate.

Photos: ©The Bolliparadise