Louis Vuitton’s timeless jewellery collection

The Empreinte collection is enriched by new creations which evoke inner adventure and personal discovery. Designed in 2004, it is distinctive for its immediately recognisable designs which draw their essence from the Maison’s emblematic codes.

This year, Francesca Amfitheatrof, Artistic Director of Jewellery and Watches for Louis Vuitton, opens a new chapter by turning her eye to unprecedentedly bold creations with contemporary designs.

The impression of trunk studs is etched into 18-karat yellow, white or pink gold pieces, for women
as well as men. The powerful LV initials, designed by Georges Vuitton in 1896, and openworked
Monogram Flowers are also to be found. Interlaced rings and bracelets are an allegory for the relationship between loved ones, and resemble the leather straps that fasten the Maison’s legendary
luggage. The emblematic four-petalled Flower exerts its universal attraction on medallions that appear as modern talismans, and on the cords of bracelets that lightly follow each movement.

Versatility is expressed in a long necklace that easily transforms into a multi-strand bracelet or a stacked necklace. Shapely hoop earrings and a diamondstudded pink gold ear cuff develop geometrical strength, and may be worn individually or mixed-and-matched for a resolutely unique style. With Empreinte, Louis Vuitton asserts a jewellery collection full of character, writing an ode to travel in clear lines and bright strokes.

Photos: © Louis Vuitton